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How come some used cars have the same price as a new one??

That’s a good question and the answer is simple, residual (resale) value. Some vehicles have a very week residual value, some are decent, and some are just crazy stupid high. I always get customers that will say “JD I’m looking to save a ton of money so I’d like a _________ that’s one or two [...]

Question “Should I Lease my next car…or Should I Buy it”? Hmm that is the question

Here’s the question sent to me yesterday… “JD, got a car Q for you on hybrid (gas/elec) cars. Wife works 7.5 miles from the house (one way). She’s thinking she may want an electric car with a gas backup to run back and forth. I’ve heard that the batteries on these vehicles have an average [...]

WOW a 0% loan verses a $3,500 rebate?? Hmm I wonder what makes more sense

OK so we’ve all heard the commercials over & over again 0% FINANCING ON ALL REMAINING MODELS!! You know that sounds pretty darn good but is there an alternative way to save your money? Usually the answer is yes. In some cases it’s an “either or” between a 0% loan and a substantial rebate. So [...]

How do we end up in the industry we’re in?

I remember being about 8 years old when my dad came home driving the Ford Bronco. Now I’m not talking about the white Bronco that OJ Simpson made famous I’m talking about the Bronco II “Big Foot” edition. OK now keep in mind that this Bronco II is about the size of today’s Hyundai Santa Fe but [...]